Help-Portrait Calgary / Dec. 4th, 2010

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When I went to Escalate Live back in May of this year one of the speakers was celebrity and commercial photographer Jeremy Cowart.  The conference was jam packed with eight industry leading professionals.  I hoped to learn a lot and  I did (I’ll talk more about Escalate Live on another post).  Help-Portrait is an idea that started with Jeremy and has snowballed to become a worldwide event.  What is Help-Portrait?  It’s simple.

1.  Find someone in need

2.  Take their portrait

3.  Print their portrait

4.  And deliver them

This is a worldwide event that will happens every year.  A group of photographers and volunteers will be doing this as a group in Calgary on December 4th, 2010.  The location will be the old Ant hill building in Kensington (148 10th Street NW).  If you know of someone in need of this service please nominate them to join us at this location.  Also, you are most welcome to go out yourself and find someone, take their portraits, print their portraits and deliver them.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, hobbyist, amateur, whatever.  It’s not about self promotion or building up a portfolio.  It’s not about free photography but rather the value of a good portrait.  It’s about giving back to your fellow human beings.  It’s about making people feel special.  Because we all are.

That weekend at Escalate Live I learned about the business of photography.  But more importantly I learned something else.  With Jeremy’s help I learned that as photographers we have an important talent.  That talent is vision.  It is meant to be shared so that people can see themselves the way they should be seeing themselves, some for the first time.  On December 4th join us as we share our gifts and our talents to help those in need.

And if you have some time I urge you to watch this 4 minute video.  Trust me.



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3 Responses to “Help-Portrait Calgary / Dec. 4th, 2010”

  1. Tiarra says:

    Oh my, that video made me teary.

    What a great concept.

  2. domenica says:

    Awesome, Jeff! Thanks for spreading the word! Cannot wait for our event! :)

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