2011 Calgary Stampede / Day One / Sneek-a-Peek

I was fortunate enough to be offered a media pass for the 2011 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to document every single day but I will be going quite a bit to capture moments in time and possibly offer a glimpse of what happens at the grounds during the ten days.

Thursday last week was sneek-a-peek.  It’s a day where you can enter the Stampede for half the price.  What’s good about going to sneek-a-peek is that it’s rarely ever busy.

Ferris wheel and soldiers at the Stampede

The main highlight of the day was Prince William and Kate Middleton arriving by motorcade to the Stampede grounds.  They were there for a dinner ceremony in their honour.  Thousands of people were there to catch a glimpse.  I was able to only fire off a few frames midst the crowd of wild tourists and fans.

Kate Middleton in Calgary

Prince William and Kate Middleton Calgary Stampede

Besides the parade of cops for the British Royals there was also a parade of Stampede royalty present.

Here is the famous David ‘the Bullet’ Smith also known as the Human Cannonball.  He was performing that night and put on a pretty interesting show.  It was an exciting few seconds as he was hurled into the air by a large cannon and dropped onto a safety net only a few feet above ground.

Human Cannonball

Human Cannonball

Of course, a visit to the Stampede Midway isn’t complete unless you’ve had the famous mini doughnuts.

mini doughnuts

And a sighting of a beautifully restored Mustang GT ended the day off great!Mustang GT

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4 Responses to “2011 Calgary Stampede / Day One / Sneek-a-Peek”

  1. Spencer says:

    Wow, you got some great shots of Kate Middleton! Man, is she ever beautiful! First shot of the cannon guy is prime too. Nice work, man!

  2. Ryan Tetrault says:

    Hey dude great shots! Sweet deal landing a media pass ;)

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