2011 Worldwide WOW Photo Contest

Every year CPC Elevate holds a worldwide WOW photo contest.  Open to all Canadians it gives amateur photographers a chance to showcase their work, win prizes and help a worthy cause.  CPC Elevate’s mission is to help motivated low income families break the cycle of poverty by providing support in their journey to long-term self-sufficiency (CPC Elevate).

I first entered this contest in 2007 while still working as an engineering technologist.  My winning photo won 1st place in the Capture Canada category.  I still remember that day when I picked up the mail and opened up the envelope to read the letter, “Many Moons has won 1st place in the category “Capture Canada”.  I would have jumped for joy but I was sitting in my car at the time.  I won a Canon TX1 camera that I still use to this day.

The contest helped me get my work shown and to get my name out into the public.  Entering the contest and placing helped me along to starting my career as a photographer.  To all the pro photographers out there, don’t loose that passion.  Keep it going.  Keep chasing that feeling you got when you were an amateur.  The word amateur is not a bad thing.  It means you have passion, desire and the love.   Be an amateur at heart.

Breakfast Television Interview with Sophy Schiller from CPC Elevate

Unfortunately I’m not able to enter the contest since I no longer meet the criteria but I still wanted to be part of the contest so I have donated one of my artist proof prints to CPC Elevate for their silent auction.  Check out the gala and awards night at the Jerry Thomas Gallery on October 20th, 2011.  Click here for more details on the gala.  Also, $10 from every print sales on JCFA from now till the end of the contest will be donated to CPC Elevate.  Use the coupon code: ELEVATE and get 20% off your order as well.


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