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Are you like me and still have your Christmas tree sitting in your living room?  It’s probably because you’re too busy or don’t want the holidays to end.  In any case we are in full swing for the new year and what better way to break the post holiday blues with some good old fashioned entertainment.

Last month we held a greeting card contest where all you needed to do was send me your mailing address for a chance to win one of three Cineplex night out  passes (2 general admissions, 2 regular drinks, 1 regular popcorn).  The names were put into a spreadsheet and a random number generator was used to pick three numbers.  The winners (in no particular order) are:

-Mark Santos

-Lisa Harrigan

-Mike Kehn

Congratulations!  You’ll be getting your movie night out passes in the mail soon!

Source: Cineplex Odeon

Here are some movies I’ve seen and recommend:

True Grit – Even if you aren’t a fan of westerns you’ll enjoy the stellar acting by Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and the newcomer Hailee Steinfeld.  RT Rating: 95%

Black Swan – People are already buzzing about an Oscar for Natalie Portman in the Black Swan.  Even if you aren’t a fan of the ballet you’ll still enjoy this psychological thriller that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat till the final curtain draws.  RT Rating: 88%

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