Best of Superbowl Commercials 2012

Every year we tune in to one of the biggest sporting events in team sports.  The big Superbowl game.  If you’re like me then you’re not watching the big game because you want to see who ranks supreme in football but commercials.  The commercials are teeming with superstar actors and sometimes production budgets bigger than some movies.  If you missed out not to worry.  Here are my top five favourite commercials brought to you by good old YouTube.

Rank #5: Acura NSX “Transactions”

Rank #4: Volkswagen “The Bark Side”

Rank #3: Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back”

Rank #2: Honda CR-V “Matthew’s Day Off”

And for the cream of the crop, Rank #1, best of the Big Game Superbowl commercial of 2012:

click here to see the video

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