The Photographer’s Guide to Photo Contests

Photoshelter is a great partner for any photographer.  I say partner because not only are they a website and online album site but they are also a good resource for learning.  Join their mailing list to get updates on new guides.  Their latest guide is about photo contests.  I like to enter a few photo competitions per year but I am very selective on what I choose.

Here are a few of my own tips:

Contests to watch out for:
-Ones that have you relinquish all rights to your photo
-Contests that sell your photo to third parties
-Contests that aren’t required to credit you (why bother then?)
-If they make you pay for a book to be published at the end of the contest it might be a scam

Other tips:
-As a guideline, stay away from contests that ask for a huge sum.  Most contests require a moderate fee to weed out and reduce the number of entries
-Ask for feedback from others before entering
-Know the judges.  See what industry they hail from and you’ll have a better idea of what they prefer
-Know the categories
-Investigate how they score the photos
-Don’t expect to win anything.  Winning is good but after all, it’s subjective so it doesn’t mean your image isn’t good it just means it wasn’t preferred by the particular panel


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Photoshelter Guide (Via Photoshelter Team)

Learn the pros & cons of 25+ photo contests worldwide

With literally hundreds of photo contests out there to choose from, how do you pick the right one to enter? And, how do you improve your chances of winning? In our latest guide, The Photographer’s Guide to Photo Contests, we review more than 25 of the most popular photo competitions worldwide, including insights on which are worth your while, and which to avoid.

Discover the pros and cons of each competition, including the:
  • Red Bull Illume Image Quest
  • World Press Photo Contest
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • International Photography Awards
  • Communication Arts Photography Competition
  • Aperture Portfolio Prize
  • Plus many more!
We award each a grade, A-F, based on factors like entry fee, prizes and promised exposure, plus provide feedback from past winners. Use this guide as a resource to pick and choose contests that are best for you and your goals as a photographer.
Get the guide today!

(Via Photoshelter)

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