Beakerhead 2014 Photos / A smash up of art, science and engineering

When I first heard about Beakerhead late last year I instantly wanted to be a part of it.  There’s nothing quite like Beakerhead, it’s a perfect smash up of art, science and engineering.  These three elements create the perfect combination to capture some interesting photos.  I was too late to get involved with them last year but I was fortunate to be able to shoot for Beakerhead in September of 2014.  It was a close call too!  A trip I had planned got cancelled and so I was able to be in Calgary for it.

Events I attended and shot included An Optimist’s Tour of the Future, a talk by Mark Stevenson where he discussed technologies that will shape our way of life in the future.  Quickdraw Animation Society held their annual Log Driver’s Waltz Gala at the Jubilee Auditorium.  The Society also had an animation workshop.   Ghost River Theatre Presented an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Tomorrow’s Child, in which the audience was blindfolded throughout the whole performance.  Burning Man is on my bucket list and so I jumped at the chance to attend A Taste of That Thing in the Desert put on by The Leauge of Extraordinary Albertans at Springboard.  A mini Burning Man in Calgary…. Only Beakerhead can do something like this!

Here are some of my photos from the events:

Check out Beakerhead’s official Flickr Page to see more photos.


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