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PhotoShelter is a great business partner.  I have been using their image and album hosting tools since 2010.  I say they’re my business partner because to me, they are so much more than just an online album service.  In addition to their core service, they hold webinars, send out regular eBooks and best of all, they do this for free!  When PhotoShelter announced a few weeks ago they would have a bi-weekly newsletter containing a hand-picked selection of some of the most impressive, impactful, and beautiful images, all I could think of was “FREE INSPIRATION”… so why not sign up?

New Dawn is the third one down.

New Dawn is the third one down.


New Dawn Selected alongside Art Wolfe’s Photo

For the 10th edition of the newsletter I was pleased to find that my abstract landscape of a sunrise over a snow covered farmland was picked.  The image, New Dawn was captured on the first sunrise of 2013.  It was the first image I captured that started my abstract series, which I have been creating more of since then.



Meeting Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe is a legend.  He needs no introduction.  He was the key note speaker at a photo conference in Banff, Alberta a few years back and when I met him all I could do was shake his hand and muster the words, “I like your photos.”  Boy wouldn’t I like to have that moment back.  I would’ve told him he was, and continues to be an inspiration for countless photographers.  I would tell him I thought his images were thought provoking and beautiful all in the same breath.  I would have said he has mastered the vision to blend art and journalism.  Hopefully I’ll be able to meet him again someday.  When I do I will tell him all of that.  For now, I’ll have to savour this sweet moment and relish in the accomplishment.  The sad truth about the life of a photographer is, we work so hard for these small moments of recognition, and when we are recognized we must move on, almost instantly or else we can become our worst enemy.

I’ve never been more excited for what the future has in store.

Click here to download a free wallpaper of New Dawn

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