I’m a photographer because I chew bubble gum.
When I was a kid I loved Bazooka Joe gum! I especially loved how various gadgets and toys could be ordered from the gum wrapper. This led to my first camera. A plastic 35mm film camera that became my new favourite toy. I took it to school and made images of my classmates. I was the coolest kid in fourth grade!
I went on to complete my post secondary education in computer engineering technologies. I know what you’re thinking… “Why didn’t I follow my dream?” I worked in the technology industry for ten years and thought it was my dream. I enjoyed my work, but I always remembered how happy I was back in fourth grade.
How did this all change? It was in May of 2007 when I took a trip down to California that changed my life. Armed with my very first manual digital camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ50) I set out on the streets of San Francisco creating image after image. Just like when I was using the Bazooka Joe camera of years past I was able to spark my passion yet again. For three years I worked long and hard to get to where I am. I continue to work long and hard for my clients. I do it because when I am collaborating with clients, I feel that same passion when I was in fourth grade. When I am making images with my camera I feel like I did many years ago…. the coolest kid in fourth grade!
Things that inspire me
  • love
  • art + design
  • movies
  • architecture
  • music

Photographers I admire

Directors I admire

  • David Fincher for his style
  • Clint Eastwood for his emotion
  • M. Knight Shyamalan for his storytelling
  • Sofia Coppola for her creativity

Things I can’t live without

  • my wonderful partner in life,  Aiofe
  • family and friends
  • classical music
  • vision
  • laughter