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100 Years 100 Faces / Life As a Human Article

100 Years 100 Faces of the Calgary Stampede Day 9

Life as a Human is a human interest magazine for evolving minds.  I was approached by Life as a Human to be a guest blogger.  My photo essay, 100 Years 100 Faces of the Stampede was published by them last week.  Click here to read the full article. Like this:Like Loading…

Thought Provoking Photos of People Lying in a Week’s Worth of Their Trash / Gregg Segal

Copyright Gregg Segal (via

Photographer Gregg Segal has created an ongoing series entitled, “7 Days of Garbage”, which shows Californian friends, neighbors, and relative strangers lying in the trash they created in one week.  The images are well done and meticulously laid out.  The images, to me, evoke thoughts of the environment and our role in the ecosphere. Click here to […]

Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation / More Spam Anyone?

spam can

I’ve been publishing the Round Pixel Blog since October, 2010.  My promise to you is to never distribute or sell your information.  From time to time you’ll be getting photographic news and if you ever wish to be removed from the list you can always do so by clicking the unsubscribe button below each email. […]

Mothers and Daughters / International Women’s Day

(Via the Atlantic) Malta: Charlotte Stafrace, 49, and her daughter Scarlett Stafarce, 9, in the living room of their home in Zebbug, outside Valletta, on March 2, 2014. Charlotte is an actress and freelance drama teacher who finished her education at 17. Charlotte hopes her daughter will be a scientist when she grows up. Scarlett says she will finish education when she's about 25 and that she would like to be a vet. (Reuters/Darrin Zammit Lupi)

Last week, on March 8th, it was International Women’s Day.  It was a day to celebrate, reflect and nurture the achievements of women.  In Focus with Alan Taylor decided to run a story of photos of mothers with their daughters.  The images are heart warming.  The love shared between a mother and daughter is universal, […]

Gilmore Junio / Editorial Shoot at Olympic Oval

Gilmore Junio Filipino Canadian Speedskate

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted work up on the blog.  I’ve decided to dig back into some of my older shoots and show you some of them.  Will Tigley, a senior editor for Mabuhay Calgary asked me to photograph Gilmore Junio for an article he was writing.  I gladly accepted as I love working […]

Missoula, Montana / Part 1: Big Sky Country

Click here to see full article (Copyright Mabuhay Calgary)

 Published by:  Mabuhay Calgary February 2012, 5th Edition Volume III Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary Perhaps because of its wide, vast, open land, Montana is known as Big Sky Country. When I heard the famous and talented editorial and com­mercial photographer Zack Arias would be teaching in a town called Missoula I immediately jumped at the chance to take an […]

West Coast Part 3 / Seattle, Coffee Central of the Pacific

Seattle Washington Travel

  Published by:  Mabuhay Calgary February 2011, 5th Edition Volume II Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary   West Coast Part 3 / Seattle, Coffee Central of the Pacific – Article and Photos by:  Jeff Cruz In order to get to Seattle we boarded a United States ferry in Syndey, BC, which is just outside of Victoria. The ferry was […]

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