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Interesting Photography Gear for 2017

2016 has seen some really good and bad gear come to life.  This year also had its share of a few interesting announcements, some of which could make 2017 even more interesting.  Here are some announcements that happened this year which might make a huge splash in the photography world for next year. DxO ONE Camera […]

Hasselblad X1D / 50-Megapixel Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

Hasselblad recently announced their new 50-megapixel medium format mirrorless camera.  There have been a lot of rumors as of late regarding a medium format mirrorless camera; even Sony has gotten into the foray.  Those that know me know that I am a Nikon shooter.  However, since Nikon as been so slow to heed to the […]

This Old Camera Hosted by Azriel Knight / Canon EOS 5 A2e A2

We are in the age of electronic cameras, digital photography, pixels and software; within this age there is a small but growing allegiance to traditional film photography.  One such photographer, Azriel Knight who is based in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta has a regular show on YouTube called This Old Camera. Azriel selects cameras of the […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Was Shot on Film / May the Film be With You

After filing for bankruptcy back in 2012, and then bouncing back slightly, Kodak’s commercial film division is looking forward to clearer skies.  The director for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams, chose to use film for parts of the movie.   Kodak 65mm to be exact.  Yes, besides all the digital effects by new […]

Making a Good Print Great / Resolve Photo Workshop

In these days of 4K resolutions, OLED displays and curved screens, there is still nothing that compares to a well printed photograph on carefully chosen paper.  Resolve Photo has been an integral part of my work flow for my fine art work since 2010.  When Costas at Resolve Photo suggested I take one of the Open […]

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap Unboxing

The Slide Camera Sling Strap by Peak Design now comes in two more colours blue (as shown) and red.  I took the opportunity to get a second strap for my backup camera body because I loved the design so much.  Want to know what makes it stand out among the thousands of other straps?  Have […]

The Best Messenger Camera Bag

In 2014 I was introduced to a great new camera strap; the Leash camera strap was a great solution for my Fuji X30.  I was so excited I even did an unboxing video of it.  This year, I switched from my LowePro system to the Peak Design Slide strap. Peak Design has been a great […]

2015 Dads and Grads Photography Gift Guide / Popphoto

Popular Photography has listed 18 interesting gifts for the dads and grads out there.  From external hard drives to camera triggers, if you’re wondering what to get that special someone this may give you some ideas. Click here for the full article on Popular Photography

Q&A / Remote Triggers or Shutter Releases Explained

Do you have a remote timer for camera?  I going to buy one for my Canon but not sure which one is good.  Can you recommend one? -Yaz Remote Triggers / Shutter Releases Explained Something to trigger your camera shutter remotely is always a must-have tool.  There are various kinds of triggers and different names […]

Using Drones for Dramatic Nature Photos / Popphoto Article

Jon Cornforth of (Popular Photograph Magazine) wrote an article recently on using drones for nature photos.  Drones are everywhere these days.  They are the newest gadget, fad, trend or whatever you want to call it; and it’s here to stay.  It’s just a matter of time until someone uses a drone for wedding photography. […]

Jobu Design L-Bracket (for Nikon D800) Unboxing Video

A few years ago I picked up an L-bracket for my Nikon D800 (Model: LB-ND800).  The L-bracket was designed and manufactured by Jobu Design.  This particular L-bracket is Arca-Swiss compatible and is machined from solid aluminum (verses being bent into shape).  It was one of my favourite pieces of equipment and is instrumental when I […]

7 Smartphone Photography Tips

The good folks at COOPH (Cooperative of Photography) have created a viral video that shows seven great tips to improve your smartphone photography.  Some of these tips are quite interesting, I’ll have to try them out myself sometime. Can’t see the video? Click here (opens YouTube)

National Geographic Master Photo Engineer

National Geographic’s Master Photo Engineer, Kenji Yamaguchi was interviewed recently.  He’s the wizard behind many photographic gadgets used by Nat Geo photographers.  When photographers come to him with a project or problem he gives them a solution. With over 30 years of experience with Nat Geo, Learn a bit more about Yamaguchi with this short YouTube […]

2014 POP Awards / The Best New Photography Gear of the Year

We are nearing the end of 2014 and it isn’t just the season of snow, Santa and singing Christmas carols.  It is also the season of top lists.  POP photo has compiled their list of top new photography gear for 2014.  Check out the list and see if any of them will be on your […]

Q&A / Camera for My Dad

Hi Jeff, Remember when I was telling you my dad wanted a new camera. So since you are more experienced in this field and I trust your expertise, could you recommend a camera in the price range of $300-400, that is small, with a good lens and easy to use, as my dad will be […]

Peak Designs Leash Camera Strap Unboxing Video

A couple of weeks ago I ordered the Leash camera strap from Peak Design.  Peak Design makes accessories targeted for the outdoor and/or adventure photographer.  In addition to the Leash camera strap, they make the Capture camera clips and various other accessories.  I was mainly interested in the removable anchors, allowing you to go from […]

Fuji X30 Unboxing Video

Last week I picked up the new Fuji X30 as a replacement to my everyday camera, the Fuji X10.  I’ve had the Fuji X10 for quite some time now and it had started to give me some focusing issues and sometimes it didn’t even power up (have to turn it off and on a few […]

My Fujifilm X30 Wish List

In November, 2011 I purchased a highly anticipated camera.  The Fujifilm X10, Fuji’s first entry into the enthusiast compact (point and shoot) camera segment. Why purchase a point and shoot when you have full DSLR kit, you may ask?  Simply, convenience.  I don’t want to be bringing around a backpack all the time in order […]

Nikon D810 Announcement / What’s New

The new D810 It seems just like yesterday to me when the Nikon D800/D800E was first released.  I wrote about it back in March 2012.  Today, Nikon has announced a new replacement that has consolidated the two versions into one, the D810. After reading the whole First Impressions article on DPreview and a few other reputable […]

Father’s Day Gift Idea / SCOTTeVEST

What is SCOTTeVEST? SCOTTeVEST is a company that specializes in clothing and accessories with pockets in mind.  Pockets for anything and everything.  From wallets, to passports, phones, mp3 players, cameras, photography gear and more.  It’s perfect for a photographer who needs to carry lots of gear with them.  It’s also good for travel, it allows […]

Mirrorless Cameras / A Buying Guide

Mirrorless – All the Rage Put your ear to the ground of the camera buying market these days and you’ll hear that same ten letter word being repeated over and over.  M-I-R-R-O-R-L-E-S-S.  Going mirrorless is all the rage these days.  It’s almost a mirror (no pun intended) of what happened decades ago when 35mm film […]

Photography Gear Sale / IRIS Fundraiser

IRIS Gear Sale

The IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta is holding a photography gear sale fundraiser this weekend.  10% of the proceeds will go towards the IRIS.  IRIS is a non-profit photographic society based in Alberta.  IRIS is made up of members who support a common mission — to encourage understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and places […]

Nikon Df / Pure Photography Retrospective

The New Nikon Df When Nikon started releasing teaser videos for something coined “Pure Photography” everyone was a bit skeptical.  Rumors were that it was a retro styled camera reminiscent of the old F-series 35mm film cameras of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Rumors also started going around that it was purely a stills camera […]

Nikon Announces D4 Digital SLR

Every few years a camera manufacturer announces a new successor to their previous flagship model.  Today, Nikon announced the successor to the D3/D3s/D3x line.  The highly anticipated D4 flagship model for Nikon comes just a little bit after Canon announced their 1D X model.  Coincidence?  Or just clever timing on Nikon to steal the 1D […]

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