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Is It Possible to Fake a Professional Photographer?

The brilliant guys at DigitalRevTV did an interesting experiment.  They took a non-photographer and showed him the ropes for a week and put him up against a real professional photographer.  They tried to find out if someone could spot the fake.  It’s an interesting point that they make.  Fancy gear and expensive equipment doesn’t make […]

Kababayan Spotlight: Domingo Lumanog / Calgary’s Filipino-Canadian fashion stylist

Mabuhay Calgary Kababayan Spotlight

In January I blogged about the photo shoot I decided to do with my point and shoot style camera the Fuji X10.  The shoot was an editorial shoot with the always fashionable stylist Domingo Lumanog.  Domingo recently picked up and moved to Toronto so Calgary is missing him dearly.  The article was released this month in […]

Bano & eeMee Look Book / Fashion Shoot

Last week I did a shoot for the fabulous Domingo Lumanog.  It was for Aleem Ariff of Bano & eeMee.  Aleem is a super talented designer out of Chicago and now in Calgary.  For the first time I got to work with Satoko Suzuki (hair and makeup) as well as the beautiful and fun Bronwyn […]

Mabuhay Calgary Advertisement / October 2010

This was an advertising spread for Mabuhay Calgary’s October edition.  It was shot in studio with two exposures.  The first exposure was with Vince (AKA Mabuhay Boy) reading the newspaper.  The second was with just the mirror and jack-o-lantern.  In Photoshop they were merged and the bite mark was added for that vampire effect :) […]

Leah Cronkite / Lifestyle Fitness Shoot

As a photographer the most weight I’m lifting these days is my Nikon with a 70-200mm lens attached.  Not quite the workout that Leah Cronkite sees on a daily basis.  Leah is a fitness model in Calgary.  I had the fortunate opportunity to test with her.  At the same time I was able to try […]

Calgary Public Library / Branding Book

I was fortunate enough to work with the Calgary Public Library (CPL) marketing team on a wonderful marketing campaign.  The marketing team at the CPL was a lot of fun to work with.  They had great a great campaign on branding people of the CPL.  The two day shoot was interesting and I got to play […]

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