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Q&A / Calgary Wedding Photographer Recommendation

Hey, My coworker is getting married and they are looking for a photographer.  I know you don’t do weddings anymore but any recommendations of people I can give to her? Here are some wedding photographers I know of in the Calgary area.  Besides being talented, I will only recommend and vouch for photographers that are […]

Verde & Scott Bermuda Wedding / Teaser Picture

A good friend of mine from high school moved to Bermuda about six years ago.  I was fortunate enough to share the day with them as they asked me to photograph their wedding.  Here is a teaser shot. I love this photo so much because it captures the moment, unscripted.  And that’s what love is… […]

Tina & Dave / Das Wedding

Boy what a hectic summer!  One of my favourite weddings of this year (heck they’re all my favourite!) was back in July.  Looking back I remember how hot the day began.  It must have been 20 DegC at 10am.  We arrived at Dave’s to be greeted with a row of Volkswagens.  As you’ll see throughout […]

Jiao & Robert / Wedding

Jiao and Robert live in Vancouver but decided to get married in Calgary where a lot of their family and friends live.  The day started out with some morning coffee for the guys thanks to Alek, one of the trusted groomsmen.  As Robert continued to work on his car he was continuously reminded that he […]

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