Khubsurat / Citytv Breakfast Television

Shaila and Domingo had asked me to do some stills during a morning taping of the Breakfast Show on Citytv.  I barely got up at 5:30am to catch the filming around 7am.  Being up till 1am the night before didn’t help matters so forgive me if this post cuts off short or if you were one of the models and I missed putting up your photo (send me an email and I’ll fix it).  The models were in traditional South Asian wedding attire.  Also there, was Raman from Royal Icing showing the beautiful cakes including a cake with a laser etched picture of the couple (check the gallery down below for a photo).  MKM BollyStars also performed.  Very talented troop.  Check out their site.

This is just a glimpse of what you’ll be seeing this weekend at Khubsurat, Alberta’s only South Asian bridal, fashion and lifestyle show.  Interviewing Shaila is BT’s Jill Belland (click here to follow her on Twitter).  Between segments I was able to take the models aside and do some quick (I mean very quick) portraits.  I didn’t bring a background but I was fortunate enough to find a red velvet wall that was out of the way of Jill and the Videographer.  To top off my luck there was a ceiling light right above where the models would be standing.  When we finally found out how to turn the light on (thanks Omar) we were off to the races.  The ceiling light doubled as a hair light and also as a high key background light to give some background separation.  I learned this trick from my fellow MacGyver light seeker Jerry Ghionis.

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