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Photographer Tools Pt. 2 / Time Lapse With the iPhone

As I write this blog post I’ve been in Vancouver for almost two weeks now.  While here I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with time lapse video on the iPhone. Time Lapse with Miniatures         Miniatures is an app that lets your create really interesting tilt shift time lapses.  What is […]

The Valley of Fire / A Las Vegas Alternative

  Published by:  Mabuhay Calgary May 2011, 8th Edition Volume II Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary

A Month in Review / April 2011

This month was a hectic one as well.  If I remember correctly I was only able to go out to one social event with my friends.  This is what I’ve been up to in April: Celebrated my grandmother’s 94th birthday on the 4th!  I drove up to Edmonton to visit her for a few hours. […]

TundaClap Promotions / Pretty in Pink Event

I got a chance to shoot DJ Konsequence, DJ Newboy and Deejay Simplefrm a few weeks ago.  I love how I can merge my two passions together:  Photography and Music.  I love photographing musicians and performers especially when they are on stage doing what they love to do.  You can tell they pour all their […]

Where I Get My Photography Equipment

As a working photographer I get asked quite a bit, “where do you get your equipment?”  Since I’m not sponsored by anyone I can honestly say I’m not tied down to any one place.  Just like this backpack I’m free to roam the landscape. Even though I can go anywhere on the internet for the […]

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