Bano & eeMee Look Book / Fashion Shoot

Last week I did a shoot for the fabulous Domingo Lumanog.  It was for Aleem Ariff of Bano & eeMee.  Aleem is a super talented designer out of Chicago and now in Calgary.  For the first time I got to work with Satoko Suzuki (hair and makeup) as well as the beautiful and fun Bronwyn McDonald from Artists Within.  Here were some low-res images from my camera that I tweeted out directly from my iPad.

For the shoot I was using three Elinchrom Style RX monolights.  Two were set for high-key against the white background and a 60″ shoot through umbrella as the main light.  Because it was very fast paced shoot I wanted simple lighting.  The reflection was done with white tile board on the floor.  It was a trick I learned from Zack Arias that I also used on a shoot last year.  Click here for pictures from that shoot.

We pumped out about 16 or so looks within 4 hours.  Not too bad!  Here are the two looks for the cover.

Some behind the scenes shots of the team at work.  I had a great time and I didn’t want it to end but I had to go home and process the files.  Luckily I had my iPad tethered and Domingo was able to choose some of his favourites before the shoot was done.  Having the iPad tethered was fantastic.  No more wires hooked up to a laptop.  As soon as Domingo saw a shot he liked we were on to the next look and no time was wasted.  I hope to work with all you talented people again!



Aleem Arif / Bano & eeMee – Designer

Domingo Lumanog – Stylist

Bronwyn McDonald – Model

Satoko Suzuki – Hair / Makeup Artist


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