Chelta & Todd / Engagement

Last year was such a busy year that I haven’t had time to blog all my wedding and engagement shoots.  Now that it’s cold out again I thought I’d torture myself and look at all the pictures during the summer.  Even better I’ll share them with all of you!

It’s not surprising that Chelta and Todd met at the gym because they’re both fit as a fiddle.  We met in Chestermere where they have a home close to the lake.  Because I’ve never been there before they showed me their favourite fishing spots and we even got to see the sun set over the lake.  It was such an amazing time.  Writing this in the cold of February I wish it was that warm again!

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3 Responses to “Chelta & Todd / Engagement”

  1. Fred Cruz says:

    They are all good, you are getting better. Keep it up Jeff…..

  2. Joel Yana says:

    Nice work Jeff. My faves are the two sunset images. Looks like you used off-camera lighting in one of them – well done!!!

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