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Basic Photo Editing Seminar / Saturday, February 25th, 2012

This weekend on Saturday February 25th, 2012 I’ll hosting my first seminar.  Being a well rounded photographer isn’t only about capturing the image right inside the camera but knowing the whole process from start to finish.  Digital photo editing is as important as learning darkroom techniques during the film days.  We’ll be learning a few […]

Instant Art Exhibit / Exposure Photography Festival

Happy Exposure month!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Exposure, it’s a photography festival held in Calgary, Canmore and Banff.  It runs through the month of February and there are many events, exhibits and openings to check out.  This year I’m showing at the Resolution Art Gallery (located in Kensington).  My show, a […]

Best Superbowl Commercial of 2012

What makes a Superbowl commercial?  You have to be witty, funny, concise, smart and evoke emotion all within about a minute.  Not unlike a photograph you have one chance to get your viewers to see your story and feel what you are feeling.  The emotion that you get out of watching this commercial is something […]

Best of Superbowl Commercials 2012

Every year we tune in to one of the biggest sporting events in team sports.  The big Superbowl game.  If you’re like me then you’re not watching the big game because you want to see who ranks supreme in football but commercials.  The commercials are teeming with superstar actors and sometimes production budgets bigger than […]

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