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July Wallpaper / Happy Canada Day

As Canada Day is fast approaching I’d like to make July’s free wallpaper download related to what most Canadians like to do during Canada Day.  Camping is a popular and favourite pastime for Canadians and so I’m offering “Forever” as a downloadable wallpaper.  It will fit most displays up to 27″. “Forever” was taken out […]

Instant Art Featured on Anne Wright Photography Blog / Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I was happy to see that Anne Wright a talented and wonderful photographer in Calgary blogged about Father’s Day emergency gift ideas.  With it being only one full day left for Father’s Day if you haven’t gotten your dad anything yet she has some really unique ideas that won’t break the bank. One of the […]

West Coast Part 3 / Seattle, Coffee Central of the Pacific

Seattle Washington Travel

  Published by:  Mabuhay Calgary February 2011, 5th Edition Volume II Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary   West Coast Part 3 / Seattle, Coffee Central of the Pacific – Article and Photos by:  Jeff Cruz In order to get to Seattle we boarded a United States ferry in Syndey, BC, which is just outside of Victoria. The ferry was […]

Annie Leibovitz at Work / I’ll Bet You’ll Enjoy This Book

Part of the reason why I love photography so much is it allows me to express my vision and emotions into a single image.  Finding out what other photographers love and are passionate about makes me a better photographer.  Annie Leibovitz’s book entitled: Annie Liebovitz at Work is an amazing read.  My friend Noel who […]

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