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Missoula, Montana / Part 1: Big Sky Country

 Published by:  Mabuhay Calgary February 2012, 5th Edition Volume III Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary Perhaps because of its wide, vast, open land, Montana is known as Big Sky Country. When I heard the famous and talented editorial and com­mercial photographer Zack Arias would be teaching in a town called Missoula I immediately jumped at the chance to take an […]

Is It Possible to Fake a Professional Photographer?

The brilliant guys at DigitalRevTV did an interesting experiment.  They took a non-photographer and showed him the ropes for a week and put him up against a real professional photographer.  They tried to find out if someone could spot the fake.  It’s an interesting point that they make.  Fancy gear and expensive equipment doesn’t make […]

Stampede Western Photo Gallery / Horseshoe Bend on Display

The 100th anniversary Calgary Stampede has come and gone.  During the 10 days my photo, “Horseshoe Bend” was on display at the Western Oasis along with some other spectacular photos by some great artists. The line-up for the opening night of the art show. Friends and family that came out to support me (L-R: Krystal, […]

Leah & Nick Engagement Teaser Shot

I met Leah & Nick last year and totally hit it off with them.  I also met Leah’s mother who is adorable.  I can’t wait for their wedding in September.  Here’s a teaser shot of their engagement session from Fish Creek park in Calgary. It started pouring rain a few hours before the photo shoot. […]

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