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Q&A / Camera for My Dad

Hi Jeff, Remember when I was telling you my dad wanted a new camera. So since you are more experienced in this field and I trust your expertise, could you recommend a camera in the price range of $300-400, that is small, with a good lens and easy to use, as my dad will be […]

Nikon D810 Announcement / What’s New

The new D810 It seems just like yesterday to me when the Nikon D800/D800E was first released.  I wrote about it back in March 2012.  Today, Nikon has announced a new replacement that has consolidated the two versions into one, the D810. After reading the whole First Impressions article on DPreview and a few other reputable […]

Mirrorless Cameras / A Buying Guide

Mirrorless – All the Rage Put your ear to the ground of the camera buying market these days and you’ll hear that same ten letter word being repeated over and over.  M-I-R-R-O-R-L-E-S-S.  Going mirrorless is all the rage these days.  It’s almost a mirror (no pun intended) of what happened decades ago when 35mm film […]

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