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This Old Camera Hosted by Azriel Knight / Canon EOS 5 A2e A2

We are in the age of electronic cameras, digital photography, pixels and software; within this age there is a small but growing allegiance to traditional film photography.  One such photographer, Azriel Knight who is based in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta has a regular show on YouTube called This Old Camera. Azriel selects cameras of the […]

Q&A / Remote Triggers or Shutter Releases Explained

Do you have a remote timer for camera?  I going to buy one for my Canon but not sure which one is good.  Can you recommend one? -Yaz Remote Triggers / Shutter Releases Explained Something to trigger your camera shutter remotely is always a must-have tool.  There are various kinds of triggers and different names […]

The Visual Toolbox: 60 Lessons for Stronger Photographs / David duChemin

I always say in photography, just like in many things creative, gear and technique are tools.  Know when to use them and how to use them and your vision will know no bounds.  Every once in awhile I want to share a book I think is worth reading.  To be honest, I have not yet […]

7 Smartphone Photography Tips

The good folks at COOPH (Cooperative of Photography) have created a viral video that shows seven great tips to improve your smartphone photography.  Some of these tips are quite interesting, I’ll have to try them out myself sometime. Can’t see the video? Click here (opens YouTube)

National Geographic Master Photo Engineer

National Geographic’s Master Photo Engineer, Kenji Yamaguchi was interviewed recently.  He’s the wizard behind many photographic gadgets used by Nat Geo photographers.  When photographers come to him with a project or problem he gives them a solution. With over 30 years of experience with Nat Geo, Learn a bit more about Yamaguchi with this short YouTube […]

Can You Still Make Money With Stock Photography?

The allure of making millions from your vacation photos drives a lot of people to join stock photo agencies.  Think about it.  You’ve taken a hundred photos on your trip to Cuba and now you are able to submit a couple good ones to an agency like iStock or Shutterstock.  You upload your photos and […]

50 Best Places to Photograph 2014 / Pop Photo

Robert Adams once said, “No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.”  This list is anything but boring. One on the list, the Holi Festiavl in Inda.  During this spring Hindu love fest, revelers sing, dance, and fling dry paint mixed with water at […]

10 Bad Photography Habits You Need To Quit Today

There are many top 10 lists floating about the internet, especially with photography.  Top 10 cameras, top 10 tripods, top 10 macro lenses, top 10 locations to shoot, etc… the list goes on.  What’s rare is to see are top 10 lists devoted on what not to do.  Particularly, a list made by photographer Alan Ranger, a […]

I Will Be On The Art of Nature Photography / Art Wolfe on CreativeLive

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be recognized alongside Art Wolfe.  Photoshelter Selects chose my image and an image by Art Wolfe to showcase abstract photos. Going to Seattle And today I’d like to announce, I have been fortunate enough to be selected as a member of the live studio audience during […]

eBook / Creative Photography 10 Easy Pieces / Richard Burnaby

I really enjoy reading about my passion and I also love sharing them in the hopes it inspires and delights others too.  Here’s another free eBook I found by Richard Burnaby (taken from About the eBook Richard Bernabe offers “Ten Easy Pieces” toward more creative photography in this very informative, fun-to-read book. From making the […]

15 Tips for Low Light Landscape Photography

Free Desktop Wallpaper March 2013

Night or low light photography can be very challenging but it can also yield some of the most unique landscape images.  While most people are indoors or sound asleep you are able to capture the beauty that happens.  Improve your night or low light landscape photography instantly with this handy article by Natalie Johnson via […]

Tips for New Photographers

Quite often I get emails asking how to break into the photography business.  Photography is regarded as a cool profession.  That being said, most people don’t realize the tremendous work involved in being a professional freelance photographer.  There’s so much to being a photographer than just creating images.  Marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, sales are all part […]

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