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A Month in Review / April 2011

This month was a hectic one as well.  If I remember correctly I was only able to go out to one social event with my friends.  This is what I’ve been up to in April: Celebrated my grandmother’s 94th birthday on the 4th!  I drove up to Edmonton to visit her for a few hours. […]

Rising Edge Christmas Party / Red Carpet Booth

Rising Edge Technologies and Rising Edge Engineering had their company Christmas party in November.  I thought I’d post a few pictures from the Red Carpet booth that my good friend George Cox took care of while I was doing the portrait booth.  Great job Geroge!  And thanks to Rising Edge Technologies and Rising Edge Engineering […]

Jiao & Robert / Wedding

Jiao and Robert live in Vancouver but decided to get married in Calgary where a lot of their family and friends live.  The day started out with some morning coffee for the guys thanks to Alek, one of the trusted groomsmen.  As Robert continued to work on his car he was continuously reminded that he […]

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