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Top 10 Tips for Getting Into Stock Photography


If you’ve ever picked up a magazine lately and admired the photos chances are the images you are looking at are stock.  The likelihood goes up when you’re looking at advertising for business, travel or lifestyle magazines.  The industry started because photographers wanted to make income from the extra images that were not used during shoots.  Fast […]

Trinidad & Tobago Part 1 / Carnival Time

Calgary Photographer Jeff Cruz - Travel Blog May 2010

Published by:  Mabuhay Calgary May 2010, 8th Edition Volume I Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary

What Inspires You? Pt. 1

The Photographer Godfather Image Jeff Cruz Calgary Photographer

This is my first post in what hopes to be a long and perhaps never ending segment on inspiration.  Sometimes we lose track of what inspires us to create.  I know that I’m guilty of this quite often.  We are too busy trying to pay the bills, get to work on time, driving the kids […]

Tina & Dave / Das Wedding

Boy what a hectic summer!  One of my favourite weddings of this year (heck they’re all my favourite!) was back in July.  Looking back I remember how hot the day began.  It must have been 20 DegC at 10am.  We arrived at Dave’s to be greeted with a row of Volkswagens.  As you’ll see throughout […]

Help-Portrait Calgary / Dec. 4th, 2010

When I went to Escalate Live back in May of this year one of the speakers was celebrity and commercial photographer Jeremy Cowart.  The conference was jam packed with eight industry leading professionals.  I hoped to learn a lot and  I did (I’ll talk more about Escalate Live on another post).  Help-Portrait is an idea that […]

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