All I Want For Christmas Is Photography

What The Duck Cover

What The Duck © Aaron Johnson

Hey everyone, just a quick post on some of the photography related gifts I got for Christmas this year…

What The Duck is a comic strip by the talented Aaron Johnson.  It follows the life of a photographer who happens to be a duck.  Imagine why I can relate? :)   The book is a collection of the comic strips over the years… below is an example of one of the strips.

What The Duck Comic Strip

What The Duck © Aaron Johnson

Another camera related gift… a replica of a Nikon 24-70mm lens as a coffee mug.  What a cool idea!  These first ones came out last year as Canon lens replicas but this year they came out with Nikon versions.  So cool!  I can’t wait to drink my first cup of java from it.

Replica Nikon Lens Coffee Mug

2011 Zen Calendar

2011 Zen Calendar © J.D. Marston

And every year I try and get a calendar that will inspire me throughout the coming months.  A 2011 Zen calendar with photography by J.D. Marston was what I got this year.

I’d like to hear what you got!  Photography related or not reply to this post and let’s hear what you got for Christmas this year!

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