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San Francisco Part 2 / Sights, Sounds and Smells

Click to see entire article (Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary) Published by:  Mabuhay Calgary September 2010, 12th Edition Volume I Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary    

San Francisco Part 1 / Everything in One City

San Francisco

Published by:  Mabuhay Calgary August 2010, 11th Edition Volume I Copyright: Mabuhay Calgary  

Photographer Tools Pt. 1 / Organize With Evernote

Before I started this idea of becoming a full time photographer I didn’t rely on much to keep my calendar in check.  I woke up every weekday at the same time went to the same place and did pretty much the same thing until that round device on the wall said it was time to […]

Signal Hill Calgary Public Library Reopening

I was asked to photograph the Calgary Public Library reopening of the Signal Hill branch.  It was such a fun event.  The library was buzzing with eager young minds and happy parents.  There was face painting, balloons, storytelling and of course, books!  The new renovation increased the size of the library and made the layout […]

A Month in Review / March 2011

Wow… time seems to fly doesn’t it?  It just feels like yesterday when I got back from Vegas and the WPPI convention where I learned so much from other industry leading professionals.  The picture above is from my trip last year to Arizona and Utah with my good friends Chris and Chris (yes, a couple […]

Legaci Interview / Discovered by Justin Bieber

When Anne Claire Danan called me up one day and asked if I wanted to help her cover a story on Legaci I have to admit I was like, “who?!?”.  We’ve all been there at one point or another.  When someone you know helps you lead the way to new experiences.  After saying yes I […]

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