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My Fujifilm X30 Wish List

In November, 2011 I purchased a highly anticipated camera.  The Fujifilm X10, Fuji’s first entry into the enthusiast compact (point and shoot) camera segment. Why purchase a point and shoot when you have full DSLR kit, you may ask?  Simply, convenience.  I don’t want to be bringing around a backpack all the time in order […]

What to Do if Someone Steals Your Photo on Facebook

Using Photos from Facebook As a photographer I’m flattered when someone decides to use my photo for their personal use.  It shows that they enjoy it enough to show their network of friends.  For me, it becomes a problem or a point of contention, when either of the following happens: 1)  Cropping out the watermark […]

50 Best Places to Photograph 2014 / Pop Photo

Robert Adams once said, “No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.”  This list is anything but boring. One on the list, the Holi Festiavl in Inda.  During this spring Hindu love fest, revelers sing, dance, and fling dry paint mixed with water at […]

10 Bad Photography Habits You Need To Quit Today

There are many top 10 lists floating about the internet, especially with photography.  Top 10 cameras, top 10 tripods, top 10 macro lenses, top 10 locations to shoot, etc… the list goes on.  What’s rare is to see are top 10 lists devoted on what not to do.  Particularly, a list made by photographer Alan Ranger, a […]

Newest Release – Away / 25% off all artwork in August

The latest release from the JCFA collection is entitled “Away”.  From now till the end of August 2014 enjoy 25% off all art prints and framing from the JCFA collection.   It’s offered in 3 size editions: 36″ X 54″ – EDITION OF 3 24″ X 36″ – EDITION OF 10 16″ X 24″ – […]

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