10 Bad Photography Habits You Need To Quit Today


There are many top 10 lists floating about the internet, especially with photography.  Top 10 cameras, top 10 tripods, top 10 macro lenses, top 10 locations to shoot, etc… the list goes on.  What’s rare is to see are top 10 lists devoted on what not to do.  Particularly, a list made by photographer Alan Ranger, a top 10 list of bad photography habits you need to quit.

Here are the first 3 bad habits (via …. JPG Mag)

1. Hesitation

It’s important not to doubt yourself because hesitating for too long can cause you to miss the perfect shot. Be confident and take the shot.

2. Getting Lazy with White Balance

It’s amazing how many people don’t know the importance of white balance or even how to use it. It’s vitally important to adjust your white balance throughout the day.

3. Chimping

This is a very common term that describes the action of reviewing pictures on the LCD, which may not seem like a bad habit and is actually good to check and double check exposure, sharpness and depth of field, but also think about how many shots you’re missing while you’re staring at the screen all the time.

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