Can You Still Make Money With Stock Photography?

The allure of making millions from your vacation photos drives a lot of people to join stock photo agencies.  Think about it.  You’ve taken a hundred photos on your trip to Cuba and now you are able to submit a couple good ones to an agency like iStock or Shutterstock.  You upload your photos and wait… and wait…. and wait……… You ask yourself, “why isn’t the money rolling in yet?”.  A common misconception for people and photographers alike is that it’s easy.

Stock images of food are sought after.

Stock images of food are sought after.


The truth is it is hard to make a living from stock photography.  To make any serious income in stock you need talent, determination, consistency, consistency, consistency and consistency.  Did I mention consistency?  You need to be able to have a system and make that system iron clad and streamlined so when you are done your photo shoot you aren’t just sitting on your images, having them collecting dust.  You need to be able to submit photos constantly (even daily) to make any chance of getting sales.  You need to know what editors and graphic designers are looking for.  You need to be ahead of trends.  You need time, time and more time.

Check out this Pop Photo article, written by Mindy Charski for more information.

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