The Visual Toolbox: 60 Lessons for Stronger Photographs / David duChemin

I always say in photography, just like in many things creative, gear and technique are tools.  Know when to use them and how to use them and your vision will know no bounds.  Every once in awhile I want to share a book I think is worth reading.  To be honest, I have not yet read this book by Canadian photographer and teacher David duChemin but I am confident it will be a good read for new photographers.  I’ve read many of his other books and have enjoyed them all.  In fact, one of his early books, VisionMongers is what helped me to get my photography business started in 2009.

I believe the Visual Toolbox is for photographers who are breaking out into the world. It’s for photographers who want to hone and improve their abilities to see. If you want to know more about the business of photography then this isn’t for you. If you are interested in vision then this is absolutely for you.


The book version of Visual Toolbox is now available on Amazon
The ebook version of Visual Toolbox is available on PeachPit


David duChemin (left) and myself (right) at a workshop in Banff (2013).


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