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I met Andrew in 2014 when we began planning our group show, Realities Apart. Inglewood Fine Arts liked how our abstract styles complimented each other and so we did a talk on our artistic process. Andrew has a great eye and esthetic for seeing the abstract world. I’m happy to call him a friend and be in his company as one of the regular artists at Inglewood Fine Arts.  Andrew will be at the opening reception of PULSE, this Friday, February 5th at Inglewood Fine Arts (5:30-8:00pm).  He will be showing new pieces from the It’s Sedimentary series.

Andrew Millar 2015Bio

Born in Plymouth, England, Andrew moved to Canada at a young age. After a short stay in Montreal, his family moved to British Columbia where he spent most of the next 26 years primarily living in small towns in B.C, with a brief stay in Ontario. His mother, a teacher with an art background and his father, an aerospace engineer, set Andrew on a path of technical artistry. High School saw Andrew focusing mainly on autocad drafting and business design. After graduation, it became a personal endeavour to concentrate more on traditional art.
Employed as a graphic designer in the commercial print industry, Andrew began photographing in 1999 with an old Pentax Spotmatic, manufactured several years before he was born. Initially shooting negative film, he quickly progressed to slide film and eventually moved into digital formats.
Andrew’s training in colour management and printing allows him to take extraordinary images and turn them into striking prints. He captures images of the world around him in an attempt to show people the world they live in from a different perspective. Despite a fondness for the organic and constantly changing landscape, Andrew strives to find contrasts with the angular and synthetic nature of human occupation. Weather, as much as a last minute inspiration, points him in the directions he travels to capture images. His back list of places to visit is always long. Currently, he is working on several series of prints featuring gloves and Rorschach snow patches while continuing to document the natural, urban and rural landscape of Western Canada.
Andrew current lives with his wife in Calgary. His work is featured in several galleries and, for the past several years, has been part of the Exposure Photography Festival held in Calgary, Banff and Canmore (Source: Andrew Millar)

Artist Statement – It’s Sedimentary

I endeavor to show people the world the way they’ve never seen it before by using different perspectives and media. Most of my work is rooted in the abstract but with strong connection to the world we live in.
For PULSE I am presenting new images from my series called It’s Sedimentary. These images explore rock forms, textures and colours. Some images in this series depict faces and animals, while others are the natural world laid bare for contemplation.
It’s Sedimentary was first exhibited at Inglewood Fine Arts during the Exposure Photography Festival in 2012. (Source: Andrew Millar)

Contact Info

Andrew Millar can be found on the following social media sites:
Instagram: millar_photo
Twitter: @millar_photo
Facebook: Andrew Millar

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