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Q&A / Camera for My Dad

Hi Jeff, Remember when I was telling you my dad wanted a new camera. So since you are more experienced in this field and I trust your expertise, could you recommend a camera in the price range of $300-400, that is small, with a good lens and easy to use, as my dad will be […]

My Fujifilm X30 Wish List

In November, 2011 I purchased a highly anticipated camera.  The Fujifilm X10, Fuji’s first entry into the enthusiast compact (point and shoot) camera segment. Why purchase a point and shoot when you have full DSLR kit, you may ask?  Simply, convenience.  I don’t want to be bringing around a backpack all the time in order […]

Nikon D800 First Impressions With Test Shot / It Was Worth the Wait

Nikon D800 front

I’m sure everyone’s heard by now that the Nikon D800’s and D4’s were shipped last week (click here to read my post about the Nikon D4).  Only a few trickled into some stores here in Calgary and I was one of the fortunate few to get one.  I have to admit that I did jump […]

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