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Interesting Photography Gear for 2017

2016 has seen some really good and bad gear come to life.  This year also had its share of a few interesting announcements, some of which could make 2017 even more interesting.  Here are some announcements that happened this year which might make a huge splash in the photography world for next year. DxO ONE Camera […]

How Not to Clean Your Camera After Burning Man

After coming back from Burning Man last year and again this year I’ve had to clean my camera pretty thoroughly.  This hilarious video is of course a joke so don’t try this at home! Can’t see the video? Click here (opens YouTube) The best way to keep your DSLR camera clean in a dusty environment […]

Hasselblad X1D / 50-Megapixel Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

Hasselblad recently announced their new 50-megapixel medium format mirrorless camera.  There have been a lot of rumors as of late regarding a medium format mirrorless camera; even Sony has gotten into the foray.  Those that know me know that I am a Nikon shooter.  However, since Nikon as been so slow to heed to the […]

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap Unboxing

The Slide Camera Sling Strap by Peak Design now comes in two more colours blue (as shown) and red.  I took the opportunity to get a second strap for my backup camera body because I loved the design so much.  Want to know what makes it stand out among the thousands of other straps?  Have […]

The Best Messenger Camera Bag

In 2014 I was introduced to a great new camera strap; the Leash camera strap was a great solution for my Fuji X30.  I was so excited I even did an unboxing video of it.  This year, I switched from my LowePro system to the Peak Design Slide strap. Peak Design has been a great […]

Father’s Day Gift Idea / SCOTTeVEST

What is SCOTTeVEST? SCOTTeVEST is a company that specializes in clothing and accessories with pockets in mind.  Pockets for anything and everything.  From wallets, to passports, phones, mp3 players, cameras, photography gear and more.  It’s perfect for a photographer who needs to carry lots of gear with them.  It’s also good for travel, it allows […]

Photography Gear Sale / IRIS Fundraiser

IRIS Gear Sale

The IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta is holding a photography gear sale fundraiser this weekend.  10% of the proceeds will go towards the IRIS.  IRIS is a non-profit photographic society based in Alberta.  IRIS is made up of members who support a common mission — to encourage understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and places […]

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