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Competitions are for horses / Béla Bartók Quote

Bartók Quote

I recently came across a supposed (can’t be confirmed) quote by Béla Bartók, a famous Hungarian composer and pianist: “Competitions are for horses, not artists.” This statement may or may not have come from Bartók; I could not find any reputable origins or interviews on the topic.  Regardless of its accuracy, the phrase struck a chord […]

The Visual Toolbox: 60 Lessons for Stronger Photographs / David duChemin

I always say in photography, just like in many things creative, gear and technique are tools.  Know when to use them and how to use them and your vision will know no bounds.  Every once in awhile I want to share a book I think is worth reading.  To be honest, I have not yet […]

Lost Cities to Photograph

Troy, Knossos, Gedi, Tanis, Angkor, Alexandria, all of these cities have one thing in common.  They are lost cities.  As a landscape photographer I am always on the lookout for unique places to shoot.  How many of these cities (still standing) are on your bucket list to see?  Check out this interesting guide to lost […]

50 Best Places to Photograph 2014 / Pop Photo

Robert Adams once said, “No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.”  This list is anything but boring. One on the list, the Holi Festiavl in Inda.  During this spring Hindu love fest, revelers sing, dance, and fling dry paint mixed with water at […]

I Will Be On The Art of Nature Photography / Art Wolfe on CreativeLive

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be recognized alongside Art Wolfe.  Photoshelter Selects chose my image and an image by Art Wolfe to showcase abstract photos. Going to Seattle And today I’d like to announce, I have been fortunate enough to be selected as a member of the live studio audience during […]

Honoured Alongside Art Wolfe

PhotoShelter Selects PhotoShelter is a great business partner.  I have been using their image and album hosting tools since 2010.  I say they’re my business partner because to me, they are so much more than just an online album service.  In addition to their core service, they hold webinars, send out regular eBooks and best […]

Babel Death Star / Online Screening

Babel Death Star is a short film based on the poem by Kirk Ramdath.  Babel Death Star appears in Kirk’s book, Love in a Handful of Dust published by Frontenac House.  Filmed on location at historic Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and other locations in southern Alberta.  The score is Mistake (Davide Rossi Re-Work – Instrumental) by Moby. […]

Babel Death Star / A Short Film

Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to watch the release of Babel Death Star on Wednesday March 5th, 2014.  Babel Death Star is a short film project that I did with nationally acclaimed Canadian poet Kirk Ramdath.  Kirk is also the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Wax Poetry and Art Magazine. […]

eBook / Creative Photography 10 Easy Pieces / Richard Burnaby

I really enjoy reading about my passion and I also love sharing them in the hopes it inspires and delights others too.  Here’s another free eBook I found by Richard Burnaby (taken from About the eBook Richard Bernabe offers “Ten Easy Pieces” toward more creative photography in this very informative, fun-to-read book. From making the […]

15 Tips for Low Light Landscape Photography

Free Desktop Wallpaper March 2013

Night or low light photography can be very challenging but it can also yield some of the most unique landscape images.  While most people are indoors or sound asleep you are able to capture the beauty that happens.  Improve your night or low light landscape photography instantly with this handy article by Natalie Johnson via […]

Ten Favourite Landscape Images of 2013

In 2008 Jim Goldstein blogged, “10 Ways to Top Your Best 2008 Photographs“.  It’s a great tool to use (no matter what year) when trying to narrow down your favourites.  Here are my favourite landscape images for 2013 in chronological order: 1. New Dawn Out of sheer luck I was out shooting the very first sunrise […]

My Confession / I’m an Addict

My Confession If you’ve been following my blog for some time now you’ll know that I do regular posts entitled “What Inspires You“.  My very first post about inspiration was about film and the movie The Godfather.  In fact, I watch 2-3 movies per week and sometimes more.  I am always excited for the next […]

Happy Four Year Anniversary / Free Poster Offer

Thanks for a great 4 years! Today marks the four year anniversary of my photography business.  On October 15th, 2009 my company was registered.  To commemorate this milestone I have released four new prints from the JCFA collection.  These group of four images are among the first of my abstraction series.  Here they are (click […]

35 and Alive / Glacier National Park

On our way back from Missoula we spent another trip out in Glacier National Park.  When I’m surrounded by nature I feel alive.  I spent my 35th birthday photographing Glacier National Park, hiking in the woods, sleeping in a tent, making breakfast  from a propane stove and spending time with my beautiful wife and soul […]

The Secret to Photographing Waves / Matt Kloskowski

Have you ever thought about the proper techniques when photographing waves in motion?  Matt Kloskowski gives a couple valuable techniques to help you capture a great wave/beach shot.  Click on the image or here to read more. Matt is a full-time Education Director for Kelby Media Group and a Tampa-based photographer.  He’s the Editor of Lightroom Magazine and teaches Photoshop […]

33 Photos With Powerful Reflections

August has been a busy month and so I took some time off from the blog.   To get back into the groove for September I thought I’d share with you some pretty neat reflection images from Popular Photography Magazine. If you remember back in June I visited Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park for […]

August Desktop Wallpaper / Indentity

Summer is here and most things are in full bloom.  I captured this image while shooting for Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival.  Astral Harvest asked us to capture the spirit and essence of their festival and I happily accepted.  My good friend Chris was there to help me with lighting.  Thanks Chris!  To see […]

What Inspires You? Pt. 5 / The Dream of Life

A few months ago I posted What Inspires You Pt. 4 which was a speech by Dave Grohl.  For the next installment of  What Insprires You I’d like to share a video made with the teachings of the late Alan Watts.  Watts was a British-born philosopher, writer and speaker.  He is known for popularizing Eastern […]

May Desktop Wallpaper / Dance to the Morning Light

Before a photo shoot I like to scope out my location.  This particular shoot I was scouting for was to have a mountainous background for a car in the foreground.  This particular day quite cloudy.  It was so cloudy in fact that I couldn’t even see any of the mountains.  What do you do when […]

What Inspires You? Pt. 4 / Dave Grohl’s Keynote Speech

Dave Grohl’s keynote speech at SXSW (South by Southwest) is an amazing 50 minute inspirational speech about how he started in the music industry.  More importantly he talks about how “the Musician” comes first.  This applies to all artists and the art they create.  Clear an hour off your calendar, get a beverage and prepare […]

March Desktop Wallpaper / Moonlight Over Minnewanka

Free Desktop Wallpaper March 2013

Back in December last year (2012) I went on a road trip to Banff National Park with Aiofe and her family.  We spent the day hiking out in Johnston Canyon and window shopping at the Banff town site.  Aiofe, her mom and sister went to the Banff Hot Springs while I took the opportunity to do […]

Help-Portrait 2012 | Thanks Vistek


Saturday, December 8th, 2012 marked another successful Help-Portrait campaign in Calgary.   Help-Portrait is a worldwide initiative to provide portraits to those who otherwise could not get one.  The Calgary volunteers were able to provide over 450 prints during the one day event at the Calgary Drop-In Centre.  A big thanks goes out to Vistek for […]

November Desktop Wallpaper / McDougall Memorial United Church

Free desktop wallpaper of the McDougall Memorial United Church

I’ve been swamped the past few weeks and so I’ve been delinquent in delivering this month’s free desktop wallpaper. I hope you can all forgive me.  The November 2012 free desktop wallpaper is a long exposure of the McDougall Memorial United Church. I’ve been here a few times before but I’ve never had any luck until now. […]

Wonders of Science | A Drug that Boosts Productivity and Creativity

Finally, the miracle cure busy photographers have been waiting for: Fauxtographor, creative tablets.  A pill that can increase creativity and boost productivity.  We’ve all been there.  It’s 2am and you’ve got hundreds more photos to edit from the shoot you did the night before.  The client wants he or her photos within 48 hours and […]

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