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Forever is Part of the NPS Exhibition Tour

I’m happy to announce my image Forever was selected to part of the Nikon Professional Services (NPS) 2015 Exhibition Tour.  The exhibition tour is a curated show consisting of NPS members.  The tour will go across Canada; exhibits will be held in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.  If you would like to attend the event send me an […]

Nikon D810 Announcement / What’s New

The new D810 It seems just like yesterday to me when the Nikon D800/D800E was first released.  I wrote about it back in March 2012.  Today, Nikon has announced a new replacement that has consolidated the two versions into one, the D810. After reading the whole First Impressions article on DPreview and a few other reputable […]

Nikon Df / Pure Photography Retrospective

The New Nikon Df When Nikon started releasing teaser videos for something coined “Pure Photography” everyone was a bit skeptical.  Rumors were that it was a retro styled camera reminiscent of the old F-series 35mm film cameras of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Rumors also started going around that it was purely a stills camera […]

September Wallpaper / Hang on to Summer

OK, so September’s free wallpaper download isn’t going to make headlines like Apple announcing the iPhone 5 today.  But because August came and left in a blink of an eye let’s hang on to summer with this month’s wallpaper.  In a few weeks, at the end of this month we’ll be wondering where all the […]

Nikon D800 First Impressions With Test Shot / It Was Worth the Wait

Nikon D800 front

I’m sure everyone’s heard by now that the Nikon D800’s and D4’s were shipped last week (click here to read my post about the Nikon D4).  Only a few trickled into some stores here in Calgary and I was one of the fortunate few to get one.  I have to admit that I did jump […]

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