35 and Alive / Glacier National Park

On our way back from Missoula we spent another trip out in Glacier National Park.  When I’m surrounded by nature I feel alive.  I spent my 35th birthday photographing Glacier National Park, hiking in the woods, sleeping in a tent, making breakfast  from a propane stove and spending time with my beautiful wife and soul mate.  Who could ask for anything more?


Lake McDonald at night. A kayaker is getting her boat out of the water.


Glacier National Park Photos

Being as it was almost a full moon the landscape was lit up.



Long walk, short dock?


Glacier National Park Photos

Dawn at Lake McDonald revealed a boat which I had not even noticed the night before.


Glacier National Park Photos

It looks like I wasn’t the only one who was fascinated by this boat.


Glacier National Park Photos

The fog was so thick it almost hid the boat from sight.


Aiofe looking cute all bundled up.  It was cold in the mornings and she was a trooper.  As a reward we treat ourselves to a tomato and green onion egg scramble.  Later that night Aiofe treated me to a nice birthday dinner at the Elkhorn Grill just outside of Glacier.  Of course, I had to try the huckleberry pie.

I’ve been experimenting lately with blurred motion photography.  I love the abstract feel it gives and how it can be interpreted as anything you want.

Glacier National Park Photos

The famous bend at the Granite Park Trailhead on the Going to the Sun Road. This is arguably the most scenic drive you’ll ever do. The great thing is it’s just over 3 hours away from Calgary.

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19 Responses to “35 and Alive / Glacier National Park”

  1. Cheers to you my friend! I’m glad to have known you for most of those 35 years. :)

  2. Holy wow & Happy birthday!!! Amazing photos :)

  3. Amazing photos! I’ve never spent much time in Glacier National Park, but I certainly do want to now! Inspiring!

  4. Jeff, love the blurred colored birch trees pic!

  5. Hahah thanks Sue! Some days I feel double my age. I think I need to stretch more after sports :)

  6. Wow Jeff, what beautiful clarity.. like an ice world of mists and mirrors

  7. Thank you good sir. That’s the feeling I was trying to portray. I’m glad it came through.

  8. oh, and I’m 35 too, so I feel the pain. :-D

  9. Stunning dude! Some of the best and original landscapes I have seen in a while.

  10. Hey Stephen…. thanks! I try to keep my style apparent in my landscapes and I hope that makes them original :) I hope you’re doing well!

  11. Thanks for sharing! I have been missing one of my favorite places! Happy belated birthday. ;)

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