Ten Favourite Landscape Images of 2013

In 2008 Jim Goldstein blogged, “10 Ways to Top Your Best 2008 Photographs“.  It’s a great tool to use (no matter what year) when trying to narrow down your favourites.  Here are my favourite landscape images for 2013 in chronological order:

New Dawn
1. New Dawn
Out of sheer luck I was out shooting the very first sunrise of 2013.  I called this one New Dawn because it was the first sunrise of the year and also because it signified a new phase in my art.  It was time to get back to my love of abstract expressionism.


2. Island Life
In June my city and entire province got hit with the worst flood in our recorded history.  Thousands became homeless.  It was the natural spirit of people that helped the rebuilding process and generosity came flowing in.  I donated a portion of my print sales that month to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Flood Relief.  We raised close to $600.  No one is an island.


3. Lake O’Hara Sunrise
From the same lake as the previous photo.  It was taken within minutes of each other.


4. Stand by Me
A few silhouetted trees stand by each other during a long exposure photo.  I forgot my cable release that night but my friend Dave lent me his hat and a valuable lesson so I could still capture this image.


5. Here Comes the Sun
A great sunrise morning from an otherwise terrible night.  Aiofe and I took a trip out to Glacier National Park on the way to Missoula for a food & product photography course.


6. Thirty Five and and Alive
One of my best birthdays was to be able to spend time doing what I love to do and being with the love of my life.  It was a great weekend on the way back home from Missoula, MT Aiofe and I stopped over in Glacier National Park for my 35th birthday.


A fine art landscape photograph
7. Rebirth
Lake McDonald sunrise.


8. Reincarnation
Dead birch trees among new plant growth, Glacier National Park.


A fine art landscape photograph
9. Compromise
Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park.


A fine art landscape photograph
10. Golden
Nothing Gold Can Stay -Robert Frost

Do you have a list of favourite photos for 2013?  Share them with me!

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