Pictures from Realities Apart and Instant Two Opening Receptions & Talk / Thank you!

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to my openings this month.  Instant Two showing alongside Patrick Rochon and Michael Sturgeon at Endeavor Arts Gallery.  Also, Realities Apart, a group show with Andrew Millar at Inglewood Fine Arts.  This Saturday, February 28th is the last day to check out the work.  I’ll be attending Inglewood Fine Arts this Saturday from 3-5pm in case anyone would like to chat with me before the work is taken down.  Hope you can make it!

Instant Two
This work, a continuation of my Instant Art series, explores the connections we make between two separate images.  The opening reception was a great time to chat and catch up with some old friends.


Slide 09 – Jeff Cruz – Instant Two Exhibit


Slide 10 – Jeff Cruz – Instant Two Exhibit


With Michael Sturgeon – Endeavor Arts, Feb. 2015.


Realities Apart
Influenced by colour, form and light; Andrew Millar and I present our unique visions of reality.  Here I am showing my latest work, “Slice of Life” which is a series of abstract expressions of life’s moments.  Inspired by major events throughout a lifetime, the “slices” represent parts of a life journey.  The feelings and emotions gained from these life moments are shaped by colour and movement. As a whole, the work takes the viewer on an experiential journey of emotion from past memories.

A fine art abstract landscape photograph

“Slice of Life” – Jeff Cruz

A fine art landscape photograph

“Reincarnation” – Jeff Cruz

A fine art abstract landscape photograph

“Searching” – Jeff Cruz

Realities Apart Andrew Millar

Andrew Millar & I at our opening & talk – Realities Apart, Feb. 2015.


Doing my talk at Realities Apart for Inglewood Fine Arts. Feb. 2015.

I think 2015 was the best Exposure Photography Festival yet!  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016!

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