This Old Camera Hosted by Azriel Knight / Canon EOS 5 A2e A2

We are in the age of electronic cameras, digital photography, pixels and software; within this age there is a small but growing allegiance to traditional film photography.  One such photographer, Azriel Knight who is based in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta has a regular show on YouTube called This Old Camera.

Source: Azriel Knight / This Old Camera

Source: Azriel Knight / This Old Camera

Azriel selects cameras of the past (digital or film) and goes over its history, basic operation, performance and even does a field test.  One of his latest shows is of the Canon EOS 5 (A2e or A2 in North America).  In the past he’s reviewed such iconic cameras as: Pentax K1000, Canon AE-1, Anscoflex II and even a Kodak Brownie.  He does this all in one entertaining package.  If you’re in the market for a used camera or if you just want to see how cameras used to operate, subscribe to his channel and enjoy!

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  1. Susan Wolfe says:

    I’ll have to check out his Utube channel. I have an old Pentax K-1000, my first “grownup” camera. It’s been in the closet so long, I’ve forgotten much about how to use it. A shame to have a nice camera + several lenses collecting dust.

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